Infinitely Precious

August 17, 2021 at 6:15 pm

Why is it that I cannot throw away anniversary cards from Kathleen or cards from my kids?  The sentiments that my loved ones express are so touching, so profound, so affirming that I cannot toss them into the garbage.  Instead, I place them in one of my dresser drawers. I may never read them again, but that is ok.  They are too precious to throw away.  A preciousness so deep that there is no bottom to it.  Infinitely deep.

God is found in what we experience as precious.  As we sing “Ubi Caritas, Deus ibi est.”  Where Love is, there God is.  God communicates Her Love to us through these words that are companions in life share with us.  That very flow of love back and forth between us and our loved ones is God.  That flow of joy and laughter among friends and family is a precious experience of God. I often experience it in the camaraderie of my golf mates.

May we find what is precious in each moment as we choose to do the loving thing in the moment.

I remember cleaning out my brother Roger’s room in San Francisco with my dad when Roger suddenly died on Memorial Day in 1995.   We found a dresser drawer full of all the letters that my mom had been sending lovingly from Chicago over the years.  So precious.